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We feel extremely honored to carry this product straight from the harvesters. The same species from which nori, the ubiquitous savory seaweed sheets, are processed. It is harvested from rocks lapped by the choppy waters off the shores of Cagayan province. The harvesting itself is a dangerous endeavor, with scraping tools being banned and careful handpicking being mandated by organizations.

While nori processing renders the plant dark green, this minimally processed version is still deep purple. Rich in trace minerals, readily absorbable iron, calcium, and protein, these are a great addition to your soups, sauces, and to everything savory that you eat (fried rice, scrambled eggs, even toast with nut butter). You can toss in as is or toast and crumble. A simple daily broth will be great for your family!

There may be a slight grittiness sometimes in the product. It contains natural sea salt, so you may need to add less salt and seasoning to your dishes.

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