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A salt from Albuquerque, Bohol, on the brink of extinction– made using a very labor-intensive, pre-Hispanic method of production that coincided with the rice harvest. Traditionally, once the salt pots were made, saltmakers would batter them for sacks of rice.

Coconut husks are soaked for 3 months in saltwater pools by the mangrove. These husks are burnt in a highly controlled manner. The ashes are placed in large filters. More seawater is poured through the ashes, leaching the salt to make a very highly concentrated brine.

Specially made clay pots are placed over a wood fire. The concentrated brine is poured continuously for 8 hours into the bubbling pots. The saltmaker keeps a close eye on evaporation, as the pots will crack if not filled. The result is a smoky orb of salt that weighs roughly a kilo.

The asin tibook may be cracked and grated (traditionally, pieces were dipped into soup and rinsed before storing). The salt is slightly sweet and smoky. Let us know if you want us to smash it for you.

Thank you for supporting Boholano and Philippine biocultural diversity.

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