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Elemi essential oil is distilled from the resin of the pili tree. This oil is distilled in Bicol.

Used in international beauty and perfume formulations, elemi provides a resinous, balsam-y scent that gives heft and complexity to citrus and floral notes. It is an earthy yet volatile scent that makes us remember church censers of our childhoods. The essential oil is said to alleviate stress and calm the mind, and is therefore a good oil for meditation. You may put a few drops in your skin formulations for anti-aging properties. This oil is 100% natural and local.


For massage, put a few drops in two tablespoons of carrier oil. You may go up to 20 drops in 10 ml of oil. Increase slowly and according to your preference. Lemongrass works wonders on the lymphatic system and is good for cellulite treatment.


For diffusion, put a few drops in the water of your burner's bowl.

Discontinue topical use if sensitivity occurs. Please contact your practitioner before internal use, if pregnant, or breastfeeding.

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