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The kalingag tree is part of the cinnamon family, and the global spice trade has been using it in place of "true" cinnamon for a long time. Locally, it has been used for stomach ailments or fever. It makes a good tea or can be used to flavor puddings or savory dishes that use cinnamon or anise (such as humba, asado, Visayan adobo).

The truth is that there is probably more diversity among native kalingag species in the country than we know––in Negros alone, we have encountered two distinct varieties, one with more "mentholness" than the other. Another forest NGO supplier we worked with in Mindanao (we still sell their powder, though they are no longer allowed to harvest kalingag) said that they also have two varieties, both used medicinally. We sell both of their kalingag, and both have distinct flavors.

Don't miss this not-so-common chance to access this rare spice from our forests!

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